Draught beer is the go-to choice for people visiting pubs, giving the ultimate refreshment compared to bottled ones. However, in a period of on-off pub closures, you may find it difficult to head to your favorite pub and treat yourself to a chilled pint served right from the tap. That is where Heineken 5 liter keg from Drinkies comes in and saves the day. It was designed by draught lovers, just like you, to allow you to serve fresh draught beer in your home without having to buy a kegerator or build your own home bar. Come this 10.10, we offer one of the most attractive promotion programs of the year - 10.10 promo, in which with every purchase of 1 5L keg, you’ll stand a chance to get the 2nd for 20% off. Hesitate no more, let’s dive deeper into the promo to know why this beer option surely satisfies your palate.

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A short introduction about Heineken beer

As one of the most popular European beer brands, Heineken’s unmistakable green bottles with the iconic red star have given the beer increased notoriety over the last few decades. This clean-tasting pale lager is malty, full-bodied, and has a nice bite to it. 

In detail, Heineken beer comes with a deep golden hue, a slightly bitter flavor, and a well-balanced hop aroma for a crisp, clean finish. Furthermore, unlike other mass-produced drinking options, this pale lager stands out from the crowd since it has a bitter aftertaste. Whether you're enjoying a pint at home or pairing it with Filipino cuisine, there's no doubt that Heineken is a great pick. A perfect mix of sweet and bitter, this Dutch lager beer goes down smooth.

  • Alcohol content: 5%
  • Ingredients: 100% barley malt, special A-yeast, and pure water

Heineken draught keg in 10.10 promo

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The Heineken 5L draught keg combines two of our favorite things - chilled beer and technology.  This option — suitable for 20 eight-ounce glasses of brew — is the first and only beer keg with a built-in CO2 pressure system, allowing you to have true draught beer in your fridge. It also features a patented tapping system that keeps the beer fresh for up to 30 days after tapping. So even if your milk is bad, your lunch meat has started to smell funny, and your eggs are no longer safe, you could still have a frosty one right at your cozy home.

So, how does the keg work? Well, the pressure system – which includes a small tube with active carbon dioxide – is responsible for keeping the beer under constant pressure. This small cylinder contains more than enough carbon dioxide to empty the entire keg. It also has a pressure control valve that keeps the pressure in the Heineken Draught Keg at around 1.0 bar. With consistent pressure, the beer can be drawn via a beer line attached inside the keg.

On the whole, the Heineken 5L draught keg is an easy-to-carry, instant draught beer system that’s also super easy to use, and the empty beer keg can be easily disposed of after use. All you need to do is to leave it in the refrigerator for about ten hours, clip on the tap, and enjoy five liters (1.3 gallons) of draught beer.

10.10 promo with some FAQs about Heineken 5L draught keg 

  1. How long will a Heineken 5L Draught Keg stay fresh for?

You can store your Heineken 5L Draught Keg for up to nine months unopened. Even after you’ve tapped the drink for the first time, the Heineken beer inside your 5L Draught Keg will stay fresh for up to 30 days.

  1. How many glasses of beer can I enjoy from one Heineken 5L Draught Keg?

The number of beer glasses really depends on you and the size of the beer glasses you’re using. On average, a 5L Draught Keg will give you around 20 draught beers when you’re using 25-centiliter glasses.

  1. What is the maximum temperature that the Heineken 5L Draught Keg can be exposed to?

The answer is a maximum of 35 degrees Celsius. Ân important note for all draught beer drinkers is that if the beer is exposed to temperatures higher than 35°C, the draught keg will first begin to swell. If it becomes even warmer, the rim around the lid will become loose, which can cause beer or foam to leak from the keg. However, stay relaxed that the keg cannot explode and does not pose any serious hazards to your health.

  1. Is Heineken 5L draught keg an environmentally friendly product?

Yes, the packaging of the keg is 100% recyclable. It is also surely efficient considering that one single keg holds five liters of beer. The empty container with the tap pipe can be thrown away with the household garbage for easy disposal.

  1. 10.10 promo with best tips when drinking Heineken draught beer?

Make sure that the draught keg must be stored in the refrigerator for at least 10 hours to ensure the temperature of the beer inside is around 5°C. Even though your keg usually feels cold to the touch when it’s refrigerated - as the metal exterior becomes cold much more quickly – it doesn't always mean that the beer inside is actually cold enough. Furthermore, for the perfect pour of each tap, it’s advisable to open the tap pipe quickly and completely when drawing beer.

The first beer glass can contain more foam since the line that carries the beer to the top of the draught keg is filled with carbon dioxide before you tap it. There’s no need to worry as if the keg is cold enough, your second beer glass should be perfect. If your beer keg is shaken too much when it is juggled into position, or while it was on its way to you, simply let it settle for a while in the fridge to keep it cold.

10.10 promo with key health benefits of draught beer that you should know

Occasional beer consumption comes with many surprising benefits for moderate drinkers, from brightening your smile to heading off dementia and other health issues. Let’s dive in to know what benefits that draught beer can bring to your health.

  1. Draught beer can fight inflammation

Hop ingredients, the female flowers of the hop plant, give our Heineken draught beer its tangy, bitter taste. These bright green ingredients are also full of chemicals known as bitter acids, which provide a variety of health-promoting effects. According to a 2009 laboratory study published in Molecular Nutrition and Food Research, bitter acids are effective anti-inflammatory agents. In a 2013 study funded by Japanese beer company Sapporo, one type of bitter acid in draught beer, humulone, showed promise for both preventing and treating viral respiratory infections.

  1. Drinking draught beer assist your digestion

Beer's bitter acids may greatly facilitate digestion. A 2012 study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry looked at five different types of draught beer and discovered that they all caused stomach cells to release gastric acid. T  the more bitter acids were present in the drink, the greater the response was. Gastric acid is essential for both digestion and preventing the growth of harmful gut bacteria.

  1. Draught beer to fight cancers

Many chemicals found in draught beer have shown promise in preventing or possibly treating cancer.  According to a 2007 study published in Carcinogenesis, one sort of bitter acid, lupulone, wiped out tumors in rats with colon cancer who consumed it in their drinking water. Another beer component, xanthohumol, appears to be promising as well. 

An Austrian research team discovered in 2010 that xanthohumol prevented abnormal cell growth and protected DNA in rats exposed to cancer-causing substances. According to the researchers, xanthohumol is likely to be beneficial to people as well, because its cancer-fighting properties were observed at relatively modest doses — equivalent to what people can get with moderate beer consumption.

  1. Drinking draught beer to improve the bone intensity

Beer is a good source of silicon, which is necessary for healthy bone development and maintenance. According to a 2013 study published in the International Journal of Endocrinology, the type of this mineral present in beer, orthosilicic acid, is indeed very easy for the body to digest.  According to a 2010 report by the University of California, Davis experts, draught beers containing a lot of malted barley and hops are the best beer sources of silicon.

  1. Draught beer is heart-healthy

People who drink one-half to two drinks per day have a 25% lower risk of heart disease than abstainers, according to recent studies. According to a 2012 scientific review, alcoholic beverages are high in polyphenols – think draught beer! — may be especially helpful for the heart.

Beer has health benefits for both people with heart disease and those who are healthy. Harvard researchers found that men who had survived a heart attack were close to half as likely to die over the next 20 years if they drank a couple of beers a day.

  1. Draught beer helps prevent kidney stones

While sugary soda and punch increased the risk of kidney stones, a study of almost 200,000 participants published in 2013 found that consuming beer lowered the risk of kidney stone formation by 60%. According to Pietro Manuel Ferraro, MD, of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Rome, “the analysis reveals that beer consumption is connected with a lower risk of developing stones in three major U.S. cohorts.”

10.10 promo: Why does draught beer taste better?

You’ve probably heard that draught beer tastes better than bottled or canned ones. But why? There are many scientific reasons why you cherish the flavor of draught beer – and it’s not just because it’s classier to consume straight from a glass.

  • Draught beer is fresher

Yes, draught beer is fresher as it doesn’t sit around during the bottling stage or on shelves after being made.

  • Draught beer is not pasteurized

Pasteurization is the process of heating a liquid to a high temperature in order to kill bacteria. This is a required stage considering how long bottled beers are stored before drinking. With draught beer, it is merely refrigerated until it's served.

  • Draught beer is less prone to oxidization

Oxidation occurs when the drink is exposed to air. In general, it can negatively affect the flavor of alcohol.  The hops, carbohydrates, and alcohol content in beer are all highly susceptible to oxidization. For bottled beer, exposure to oxygen increases because it’s divided into individual containers before it’s served. Draught beer, on the other hand, is less prone to oxidization as it is stored in kegs with pressurized tops.

  • No light exposure

Beer is frequently packaged in light-permeable glass bottles. Light reacts with the hops in beer, making it bitterer than it should be. That's why beers in clear or light-colored glass "skunk" more quickly than beers in brown bottles. The advantage of draught beer is that you have more control over the beer's flavor up until it’s served. That way, you don’t have to account for variable environmental factors, like light exposure.

The takeaways

Heineken draught keg is your decent choice to get low with homies while enjoying ultimate refreshment this festive season. So if you’re on the hunt for the best draught kit for your party, Drinkies is your trusted companion. Here at Drinkies.ph, we provide premium alcoholic drinks for your beer party, whether it's chilled draught beers, handy bottled/canned beer, or even delightful wines, cocktail mixers, and spirits for a party with a bunch of people.  

With our offerings, there’s no worry when it comes to the product quality as Drinkies is proudly the official distributor of Heineken - the world’s second-largest brewery- in the Philippines. This is a trusted store for all alcoholic-related items, as well as a rapid delivery service that guarantees to bring your favorite chilled drinks straight to your front door at a convenient time.

Without further ado, it’s time to place your order to make the most out of our 10.10 promo - Buy 1 5L Keg and get the 2nd for 20% off. Get your beer party started, and don’t forget to prepare Filipino snacks to enjoy your beer night with friends and homies at your cozy home!