Christmas is a time for pleasure, gifting, and, above all, some festive family fun. Whether you're hosting a whole family gathering or searching for smaller-scale ways to entertain your homies, we've compiled a list of 10 fun family Christmas games for you and your loved ones to enjoy this holiday season. The holiday family game ideas that follow will help you make the most of being home for the holidays, whether you want to go active or warm up around a fire.

10 fun family Christmas games to create memories for your Christmas day

Whether you’re having a large get-together or just a few ones for Christmas Eve, Christmas dinner, or any other holiday festivity, these 10 fun family Christmas games will help you make memories to treasure for a lifetime.

Christmas alphabet drinking game

It just isn't the holidays without a good bit of cheers and drinks. From your office Christmas party to that Christmas eve night with your family that somehow always turns wildly boozy, December truly is a month of non-stop nights out. And Christmas Alphabet promises to get you into the holiday spirit.

The rule is just simple. For this drinking game, gather around with your family members and decide which order you'll play. For example, you can take it in turns, work your way through the alphabet saying something Christmas-themed for each letter. This could be a song, decoration, gift, food, and so on. For instance:

A = Angels

B = Bells

C = Candy canes

If a participant hesitates or can't think of something to say, they have to pour a drink!

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And one thing is for sure with the very first suggestion in our 10 fun family Christmas games – there will be lots of laughs! Just make sure you enjoy this Christmas drinking game responsibly and know your limit.

Christmas scavenger hunt

Instead of sitting around the television digesting after dinner or while waiting for the roast to get up to temp, you can embark on a holiday-themed scavenger hunt. This is basically a hidden object game, and you're free to personalize it by coming up with items or objects that are sentimental for your family members. A family picture, a favorite mug, a frequently read book,... just to name a few. 

The rule is so straightforward, you can choose funny punishment for whoever loses the game (maybe they need to complete a mission set by the winner: doing some silly dances, answering a question) or reward for the winner (a gift, a wish,...). Whatever your choice is, Christmas Scavenger Hunt promises to give you unforgettable moments with your family members this holiday season.

Christmas Heads Up

Ellen DeGeneres, the famous American television host, has a game called Heads Up, which is often played on her show. It's a perfect Christmas game to spice up your holiday parties. In the game, one side (participant) acts things out while the other guesses.

Write the name of a Christmas character or a family member on each sticky note, then have each participant paste one to their forehead without looking at what it says. Then, every member has to help each other to guess whose name is on their heads without saying exactly the name. It's a guaranteed laugh-fest for your Christmas night party.

White Elephant gift exchange

White Elephant is probably the most well-known Christmas party game in our list of 10 fun family Christmas games today, and it revolves around what everyone likes most about the holiday: gifts.

Here's how it goes: Each participant brings a present that has been wrapped. Then each person draws a number from a hat to determine the order in which you will select gifts from the pile. The first person selects a gift, then opens it. The next player can either steal the gift that has already been opened or choose another from the pile to open. If your present is taken, you have the option of stealing another or opening a new one from the pile. The game continues until all of the gifts have been distributed and opened.

The Carolling challenge

This is a simple, no-setup game that can be played anywhere, from a family gathering to an office party. Every member sits in a circle, and one person starts by singing a line from a Christmas song, and the person to the right has to sing the following line of this song, and so on. 

You can choose between holiday favorites like "Jingle Bells" or a more contemporary hit like Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You." The fun thing is that you may recognize the first few words of each song, but it quickly becomes difficult.

Oven Mitt Unwrap

Our 10 fun family Christmas games continue with engaging gameplay that can help strengthen your teamwork skills right at your cozy home. This holiday activity is one you should absolutely play with your entire family this season. Two dice, one set of oven mitts, and one wrapped gift are all you'll need. 

The rules are straightforward: While the person to their right throws the dice, one player puts on the mitts and tries to unwrap the gift. The player who has the dice keeps rolling until the numbers on both sides of the dice match. After that, both players pass the mitts and dice to their left, and the process is repeated. Whoever opens the gift first is the winner!

Note that you can only unwrap the gift with your hands—no teeth, feet, or other body parts are permitted!

Christmas movie drinking game

It's perhaps the easiest Christmas game ever. All you need to do is to pick a Christmas movie and then identify certain key phrases, words, or actions that will signal to everyone that they have to pour a glass or take a shot. If you need inspiration, there are Hallmark holiday movies all set up and ready to go. To get everyone excited to take a sip, it's advisable to swap out throat-burning shots for glasses of eggnog, sparkling ginger sangria, or any other festive boozy Christmas cocktail.

Here’s a list of easy-to-make Christmas cocktail recipes so that you can give yourselves and your homies a treat this holiday season. 

Two Truths and a Lie

The family are playing charades at Christmas time in the living room of their home

Everybody is probably familiar with this classic icebreaker game: The first person makes three statements, and everyone else has to try to guess which are true and which is false. This holiday season, why not give it a holiday twist by making all the stories related to Christmas or any funny memory you've had. You can talk about hilarious holiday mishaps or name the three oddest gifts you've ever received. The participant with the most correct guesses at the end wins a prize.

Christmas Charades game

Another amazing gameplay to spice up your Christmas day! No matter how old you are, this classic game is still a blast. Make a holiday-themed version by acting out popular holiday words, music, and movies put in a Santa hat. Plus, if you're playing with only adults, you may make the prompts as difficult and confusing as you want!

Christmas Cook-Off

As whipping up delicious treats is already a traditional holiday pastime, you can consider turning it into a Top Chef-style competition to get every member of your family engaged. You can bake cookies, fry up Christmas toast or ask everybody to cook something off the cuff based on a surprise holiday ingredient. (Think of peppermint, turkey, fruitcake, cranberries) Anyone who doesn't fancy putting on an apron can be part of the judging panel.

Some winning tips for these 10 fun family Christmas games

Christmas is about gathering. This is love- and joy-focused occasion and people move mountains to be together to celebrate during December. So, if you wish to put together your perfect party, here are some useful tips to should know:

  • Make sure your participants know ahead of time that you'll be playing some fun Christmas games at your holiday party. Some members may wish to know ahead of time so that they may plan their schedule accordingly. 
  • The goal of these 10 fun family Christmas games is to make sure your homies are enjoying themselves. Hence, it's a good idea to make sure all activities are light-hearted to engage players and allow them to learn fun facts about one another.
  • Snacks time! Yes, it’s a good idea to prepare some snacks while organizing your games. You can choose light desserts, potato chips, or even pulutans - which are often served when having booze.
  • Plan ahead to have prizes for all members on hand. Preparation is the first step in hosting a holiday party! The more you can do ahead of time to prepare for the day, the more time you'll have to spend with them.  Think of setting the table, preparing meals to serve or bake, batching drinks, and, of course, purchasing ahead of time to prevent crowds and lines
  • Create a festive atmosphere for your games by combining your everyday décor with bright colors, on-trend prints, and sentimental accents that you can change up every year. When it comes to home décor, use what you have around the house— do not be afraid to re-style and re-design with items you already own, including wallpaper, vases, and lights. Color can bring so much joy as well, so make sure to use it as you like, and don't feel restricted to traditional holiday colors like red and green.
  • Few other annual celebrations and holidays have as many traditions as Christmas, and that's true whether you're setting up a marathon of timeless Christmas films, hanging your childhood stockings, or listening to classic carols. But making small changes for your party each year keeps the celebration new and exciting. So, do not hesitate to let your creativity fly with new ideas!
  • Make a homemade CD or create a computer playlist with festive music to get the party started. It's simple to make, and you'll get to listen to your favorite seasonal playlist. At the same time, remember to keep the music down a bit – conversation is what counts at any celebration.

Final words

Let these 10 fun family Christmas games come to the rescue. Engaging your family members in a little casual competition will get everyone's adrenaline pumping, keep the post-holiday blues away, and may even help you create some new memories to treasure for years to come. 

And while some of these games require no materials at all so you can put them together in a flash, many of these activities involve an element of crafting, so you can have fun making them before you play. Playing Christmas games together can also be a fun bonding activity that keeps you talking and basking in each other's company more than sitting in front of the TV, so gather your homies and get playing.

And finally, do not miss out on your chance to snag the best Christmas deals with Cheers and Happy Christmas to everyone!