Beer is probably one of the oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic drinks in the world. Besides notable benefits, it also comes with some potential risks if drinkers consume beyond sufficient limits. Thus, it’s of utmost importance to grasp knowledge about beer calories. With that in mind, Drinkies PH is here to provide you information regarding beer drinking and a chart containing the number of beer calories per bottle for your further consideration. 

Beer calories debunked: effectiveness and potential risks of drinking beer

Before immediately jumping in the beer calories chart, it’s advisable to highlight some core upside and downside of beer consumption. This information will help you better visualize the impacts of drinking beer on your well-being and lay the foundation for the recommended intake of beer calories per day. 

According to scientific research, drinking beer in moderation (up to 1 drink and 2 drinks per day for women and men respectively) can have some significant beer benefits to your health.

  • Reduce the risk of developing heart diseases, thereby lengthening the life span.
  • Level off the risk of having the type of stroke caused by a clot in the blood vessel.
  • Have a lower risk of having type 2 diabetes.
  • Reduce work-related stress or anxiety as well as boost memory and thinking skills.
  • Prevent kidney stones from developing in the urinary system.

Having said that, there are also science-backed reasons why excessive beer intake might bring negative effects to your health. 

  • Lead to alcohol dependence and alcohol addiction.
  • Increased risk of death in heavy and binge drinkers.
  • Level of chances of depression in heavy drinkers compared to moderate ones.
  • Cause undesirable weight gain.
  • Increase the risk of cancers, especially disease-related to the throat and mouth.

Therefore, keep in mind that even though there may be potential health benefits associated with consuming this kind of alcoholic drink, they only come with drinking occasionally with a proper amount.

Some basic terms of beer calories

Some basic terms of beer calories

Sources of beer calories

Calories are technically a way of measuring the amount of energy in food and drink. When we consume more calories than we burn off, this energy is stored in our bodies as fat. Usually, calories in drink and food come from these four main sources:

  • Protein: Protein contains 4 calories per gram
  • Carbohydrates (including sugar): There are about 4 calories per gram
  • Fat: Each gram contains 9 calories
  • Alcohol: Alcohol contains about 7 calories per gram

There’s almost no fat found in beer, so the calories in this alcoholic drink come from protein, alcohol, and carbohydrates.

Beer calories in non-alcoholic beer and alcoholic beer

Similarly, since there's a marginal amount of alcohol in alcohol-free beer, the beer calories bottle of this drink is much lower than an equivalent alcoholic beer.

For example:

  • Beer calories 500ml: The content of beer calories in standard Adnams “Ghost Ship” (4.5%) is 225, while with the same serving size, 115 is the figure of “a bottle of beer calories” in Adnams Ghost Ship Alcohol-Free.
  • Beer calories Heineken: The content of beer calories 330ml bottle of standard Heineken (5%) is 149 versus 99 calories in Heineken Light (3.5%) with the same serving size.
  • Beer calories per 100ml: A regular Tennent’s lager contains 30 beer calories per 100ml, while a typical alcohol-free bottle of beer calories are between 16 and 20 with the same serving size.
  • Beer calories pint (1 pint ~ 473ml) of Budweiser are 232 calories, while the Bud Light contains 216 calories.
  • Beer calories 1 liter: The content of beer calories in standard Tuborg is 430, while with the same serving size, the beer calories content of Tuborg Light Alcohol-Free is 172.

Beer calories vs wine

Beer calories vs wine

The calories in wine and beer vary slightly. Wine has calories ranging from 120 to 210 per six-ounce glass. Similar to beer, the exact nutritional information of wine is slightly different based on the ingredient density and alcohol content of each brand. For example, red wine is made by adding the skin of the grapes during the fermentation process, while brewers exclude grape skin while making white wine.

Both red and white wines have similar calorie counts, which may be higher or lower depending on the varieties of the drink. In many studies, red wine has been shown to have long-term cardiovascular benefits due to the presence of resveratrol, a chemical compound that may even help with cancer prevention. And if you're looking to include more polyphenol compounds like resveratrol in your diet, red wine isn't the only way to get them — they're also found in various spices, herbs, cocoa products, berries, and nuts.

Content of beer calories in different beer brands

Content of beer calories in different beer brands

Now, it’s time to do a little research on how many calories that beer contains per some popular beer brands. Besides beer calories, you can also consult the level of carbs as well as alcohol content (ABV) of each type. 

The calorie content of other types of liquor varies greatly, hence, the 1 bottle beer calories count below may surprise you. 

Beer brandsBeer calories (cal)Carbs (g)ABV (%)
Heineken Light996.83.5
Tiger Crystal15113.95
Bud Light1106.64.2
Budweiser Select993.14.3
Colt 45    15710.85.6
Corona Extra    148144.6
Corona Light9953.2
Coors Banquet14912.25
Coors Light10254.2
Amstel Light9553.5
Newcastle Brown Ale13812.84.7

Before you go

Now that you’ve grasped details about the two-sided effects of drinking beer as well as the content of beer calories. Hope with this guide, you can reap the benefits of the drink while eliminating potential risks.

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