Alcohol drinks have long been indispensable drinks in parties and chill with friends. With tequila and beer, we can use them directly or mix them together and other ingredients to create a myriad of appealing beverage recipes according to our tastes and preferences. It is entirely possible to create our own favorite drink from beer with tequila with very simple recipes. Let's find out!

Can you mix tequila and beer?

Introducing about tequila

Introducing about tequila

Tequila is a traditional high-concentration distilled wine from Mexico. Tequila's name is derived from the name of the locality where it mainly produces it - the Tequila region, the state of Jalisco on the western plateau of Mexico. 

Tequila is a plant native to Mexico that is made from the Agave Azul Tequilana plant. Normally, Tequila has an alcohol content of 38-40%, but some special ones have an alcohol content of up to 43-46%.

Basically, there are two types of Tequila: Blend (Mixtos) and 100 percent Agave aroma.

  • Mixing type (Mixtos)

Tequila blends with an agave water content of not less than 51%. And sugar alcohol takes the rest. Tequila Mixtos alcohol uses both Glucose and Frutose.

  • 100% Aromatic Agave

Tequila made of 100% Agave Frucose, Blanco or Plata are heavier and have a stronger flavor of distilled Agave, while Reposado and Anejo are more compact and softer. Like the wine brewed in a wooden barrel, Frucose has a woody aroma, while the darkness of the liqueur is softened. The main difference in the taste of Agave Tequila 100% is the difference 

in alcohol content. Accordingly, this has a more herb flavor than the grain-based one.

There are many tequila brands but typical brands of tequila which you should try are 1800 Reposado Tequila, Jose Cuervo Gold, Patron XO Cafe, Hendrick's. In the Philippines, you can search on to find your favorite Tequila. 

How about drinking beer with tequila?

How about drinking beer with tequila

Like many other wines, in addition to being used directly, tequila can also be used to mix with soda, juice, syrup, .. to bring extremely attractive drinks. Tequila combined with soda is possibly the most popular and favorite combination. You can use Tequila with high mineral content such as Reposado tequila, Jose Cuervo Gold, Patron XO Cafe. 

In addition, tequila combined with fruit juice such as pineapple juice, orange juice also makes drinks extremely attractive and brings many health benefits. These are very popular cocktails on hot sunny days. Not only that, combined with fruits rich in vitamin C is not only good for thirst, but also good for skin and health.

When preparing tequila with fruit you can use canned juice or fresh juice but it's better to use fresh juice to get the best cocktail.

Besides, beer with tequila inside is a great combination if you know some recipes for this mixture. Depending on your taste, you can create your favorite drink from beer with tequila shot, adding the fruit flavors you love.

What beer goes well with tequila?

What beer goes well with tequila

You can combine tequila with a variety of beers. However, the most suitable beers to mix with tequila are: Heineken, Tiger, Corona, Rauchbier, Sea Quench, Pacifico, Tecate. Here are mostly light and fluffy beers which go good with tequila. 

Heineken and Tiger are two light beers, easy to drink and easy to find. When combining these beers with Tequila, your cocktail is easy to enjoy, even for those who rarely drink tequila. The preparation is also quite simple and you can completely make it at home.

For heavier and richer European beers such as Rauchbier, Sea Quench, and Tecate, the combination of them and tequila is a bold combination that gives special taste to the savorer. Not everyone is used to cocktails made with tequila and these beers.

However, you can try with your other favorite beers to create a delightful beer with tequila.

Best beer with tequila shot inside

Best beer with tequila shot inside

It can be said that in all types of beers with tequila, Rauchbier is tequila's best partner.

While the majority of tequila with beers are light beers, Rauchbier is a bold, super smoky beer from Germany. This is an odd combination but providing a drink that is a well- worth try.

However, the best beer with tequila is a bit sensible to judge because each one has a favorite taste. Rauchbier is considered the most unique combination compared to the rest.

List of recipes to mix beer with tequila

List of recipes to mix beer with tequila

Here are a few suggestions for a beer with tequila blend to try. A beer with tequila name is often called according to its ingredients.

Mexican Bulldog Margarita ( Mexican beer with tequila )

Mexican Bulldog Margarita


  • Tequila
  • Lemon juice
  • Cointreau
  • Simple syrup
  • Corona beer


Step 1: Salt border on the rim of the glass

First, you can prepare a Margarita cocktail or a tall, sturdy glass. Use a lemon rub on the rim of the glass, dab the rim on a salt plate to create a border like a Margarita cocktail.

Step 2: Blend the cocktail mixture

Then, pour in turn the ingredients including: tequila wine, lemon juice, cointreau, simple syrup, ice cubes into the blender. Continue to puree the mixture for a medium smooth consistency. When the mixture is finished, pour out the glass of the drink prepared in step 1.

Step 3: Complete drink

Finally, you open the Corona beer bottle and use your thumb to hold the top of the beer bottle upside down on the pureed beverage.

Strawberry Bulldog Margarita

Strawberry Bulldog Margarita


  • Tequila
  • Simple sec
  • Fresh strawberry
  • Corona beer


Step 1: You put the mixture of Tequila wine, Triple Sec wine, thinly sliced ​​fresh strawberries in the blender, puree the mixture with ice cubes. When the mixture is moderately smooth, like snow cream is fine.

Step 2: The next step to make upside-down beer cocktails, you pour the mixture into a cocktail glass and turn 1 or 2 Corona beer bottles upside down into the glass.

Step 3: Finally, decorate the mouth of the glass with a thin sliced ​​lemon, and a juicy strawberry to make the upside down beer cocktail more attractive.

Beer with tequila: Coconut taste and orange

Beer with tequila: Coconut taste and orange

Materials and tools need to be prepared:

  • Tequila coconut
  • Orange juice
  • margarita mix
  • Corona beer
  • Lemon
  • Oranges
  • Ice pieces
  • Tools: Big jar, knife, ice planer, straw, beer bottle stopper ...


Step 1: You wash the oranges and lemons, then cut them into thin slices with a knife.

Step 2: Use the ice planer to shred the ice and add it to 1/2 of the glass. Next, you decorate the slices of orange and lemon alternating around the glass so that it is beautiful and eye-catching.

Step 3: Next, pour in the order of tequila coconut, orange juice and margarita mixed into the jar.

Step 4: You open the lid and turn Corona beer bottles upside down into the prepared cocktail and you have completed an upside down coconut orange beer glass already. When drinking, you should use a long straw and drink it directly to feel the special taste of this drink.

Hope the above sharing helps you learn more ways to enjoy beer with tequila in it. Please try making them at home to contribute to liven up the happy moments with relatives and friends!

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