Holiday’s deals and promos never fail to bring delight and excitement, but such is doubled this month as it’s our third anniversary. We’re at Drinkies happy to announce our Drinkies anniversary to invite you to celebrate it with us with great Heineken draught offers and discounts. This serves as a heartfelt "thank you" to customers who have supported our team and a celebration of what has accomplished so far. No more hesitating, it's time to see what we've got in store and raise a glass to our love of beer.

Drinkies anniversary: Celebrating our third anniversary with fantastic Heineken draught offers

Our journey started in February 2019, since that time we have been serving beer lovers and liqueur enthusiasts all across the country with quality products. Together with Heineken Philippines, we have worked hard to elevate your drinking celebration with our superfast delivery service at the same time.

We always strive to be a reliable, hassle-free, and prompt delivery service for consumers who wish to have their favorite alcoholic beverages and distilled spirits delivered right at their doorstep. In less than 60 minutes, you can expect rapid delivery of your favorite drinks including beers, draughts, spirits, wines, and even mixers.

During this Covid time, although we may not have the luxury of going bar hopping or tasting beer in pubs, it doesn’t mean that you have to push back on indulging in a cold bottle of your favorite drink at home. with our draught Heineken kegs and home kits is now within your reach so that you can have a cold pint when you feel like it. Should you have a virtual e-numan or beer drinking session with friends or even a small home celebration that needs tons of booze, check out our Drinkies anniversary promotion to have your drinks delivered right to your doorstep without hassle! 

Our Heineken draught promos and deals are as follows:

  • If you rent the Draught@Home Experience Package 1 or Package 2 during Drinkies anniversary from Feb 19 - 28 using the code DRAUGHT250, you can get P250 off on your purchase.
  • If you buy the Heineken 8L Keg or the 2x8L Keg, any day from Feb 19 - 23, you can stand a chance to get a P150 off with code 8LKEG150.

Now, let us walk you through our Drinkies anniversary promo and give you a detailed explanation of why Heineken Draught is a real treat.

Drinkies anniversary: Why Heineken Draught?

Wherever you go, it’s always fun to see something familiar and yes, popular to everyone. Heineken, with its signature green bottle, the red star, the smiling “e” letter, is like a warm welcome from an old friend. Smooth, nicely blended bitterness, with a clean finish, Heineken has developed a strong brand name that is recognized around the world. 

When buying a Heineken draught keg, beer drinkers know what to expect: the refreshing and delightful beer that is served right from the tap, and also at a reasonable price. 

  1. Heineken draught with refreshing flavors

Heineken is a lager made using the same method developed in 1873, and it takes nearly a month to brew—roughly twice as long as ordinary lagers you've encountered on the shelf. That extended 'lagering" stage gives the beer its unique taste and purity.  

The whole brewing process, from the brewhouse to the fermentation stage and maturation, is described as traditional and classic. Very stringent control of the recipe and highly efficient quality control have made Heineken beer as successful as it is. For your information, Heineken is brewed without any additives in a natural brewing technique. 4 key ingredients are freshwater, barley malt, hops, and the distinctive Heineken A-yeast for the fermentation stage.

When it comes to the beer's flavor, Heineken's characteristics include a clean and fruity yeast aroma and a somewhat bitter flavor, which aims to enhance the beer's drinkability.  Its 5% ABV goes down smooth, making the drink a great conversation starter to share with friends and homies.

  1. Beer served from the tap for ultimate refreshment

Beer served from the tap is usually fresher than the bottled or canned one, and freshness impacts flavor. More than that, ingredients in beer are usually prone to oxidization, which can also place an impact on its flavor. For instance, hops, a crucial ingredient in beer making, are highly prone to oxidization, so the oxygen can impair the flavor easily. And it is an ongoing process, so it will continue oxidizing the keg once it has made its way in. That's the reason why older beer usually has horrible flavors.

Our Heineken kegs and Heineken Draught Kits bring together two of your favorite things: chilled beer served from the tap and cutting-edge technology. The built-in CO2 pressure system allows you to drink genuine draught beer in your fridge without worrying about any storage requirement. 

All the kegs feature a proprietary tapping method that can keep the beer fresh for up to 30 days. So, even if your milk bottle has gone bad, your meat has got a strange odor, and your eggs are no longer safe, you may still enjoy a chilled pint of Heineken in the comfort of your own home.

Take a look at our Heineken 8L draught keg. It is a convenient, quick draught beer system that is very simple to set up at home, and the empty beer keg can be discarded without any hassle after use. To enjoy eight liters (2.1 gallons) of draught beer, simply place the keg in your refrigerator for around ten hours, clip on the faucet, and enjoy.

As for the Heineken Draught kits, they are 8-liter kegs with Blade Machine, which allows you to play bartender for the day or night. This is full-packaged beer machinery to help you rock every beer session or any indoor/outdoor party without flocking the streets to get your drink. What could be better than staying at home, having everything in hand, and cherishing the moment with your important ones?

Still wonder how our kegs perform? Simply explained, a cutting-edge pressure system, which contains a tiny tube filled with active carbon dioxide, maintains consistent pressure in the brew. Our kegs also contain a pressure control valve that maintains a 1.0 bar of pressure while a beer line attached inside the keg can be used to pull your drink under regular pressure.

  1. A no-brainer drinking option for food pairing

Heineken beer can nicely pair with any recipe on your table to enhance your tasting experience. From seafood such as shellfish, salmon, to mild cheeses, or grilled meats of many kinds, there’s nearly no limitation when it comes to Heineken food pairing. 

Lighter lager beers like Heineken draught, the colder the better, are your ultimate choice to pair with Pulutan in beer sessions. Just a pint of the drink, you’re about to quench your thirst as it easily washes down the fatty dishes. Its perfect mix of sweet and bitter taste goes down smoothly to enhance your tasting experience.

Some winning tips to enjoy Heineken draught at its best

Let your beer chill for a while

You need to cool down the temperature of your Heineken keg in advance if you wish to have a glass of refreshing beer to quench your thirst. Keep in mind that beer kegs are large containers of liquid, so it will take quite a while for them to fully cool down to the optimal temperature. For an excellent drinking experience, your beer needs to be chilled down to about 2 to 8 °C (37 to 46 °F)

Pouring and serving Heineken draught beer

There is a science to the beer brewing process, but do you know that there are also well-established standards when it comes to pouring and serving draught beer? If you pour the beer into the bottom of the glass inappropriately, it’s likely that you will wind up with more foam than the drink in your glass. 

Here are some steps to properly pour your Heineken draught beer: 

  1. Step 1: Hold your beer glass at a 45-degree angle. Next, keep the class a bit below the keg’s faucet, and adjust the position so that it doesn’t touch the faucet.
  2. Step 2: Open the faucet quickly. Then start pouring beer down the side of the glass until it is about half full.
  3. Step 3: Continue to fill the beer glass and gradually tilt it upright to a 90-degree angle. This practice will allow a generous head of foam to form at the top of the glass. Now, it’s time to enjoy!

Conclusion is a trustworthy alcohol store that guarantees to deliver your favorite alcoholic beverages and distilled spirits straight to your doorstep in 60 minutes. Besides Heineken draught, there are more options waiting to be explored in our store.

Now, it’s time to set your alarm and watch out for the Drinkies Anniversary promo with special deals. Benefit from these unique offers and give yourself a treat, let’s celebrate our anniversary together. Cheers!