A festive round of Christmas wine starts any celebration off on the right foot, and boozy batches of Christmas cocktails ensure that the host doesn't have to stand behind the bar all night. But whether you're looking for a delectable wine to surprise a wine lover in your life or that perfect bottle to reward yourself, many of us may have a hard time choosing the best Christmas wine gifts. Take your time as in this post, Drinkies.ph will introduce to you some of the best Christmas gift ideas - 10 best Christmas wines to send off best wishes this holiday season.

Best wine bottles as thoughtful Christmas gift ideas for wine lovers

Jacob's Creek Riesling white wine

Jacob's Creek Riesling's tangy and beautiful flavors will never let you down. This white wine has a fresh green apple fragrance with a hint of lemon sourness. Furthermore, it excellently mixes the tart taste of dandelion fruit with the soft chalk aftertaste, making it one of the best Christmas gift ideas for dedicated wine connoisseurs you know. 

In terms of food pairings, Jacob's Creek Riesling adds balance to cheese plates or spicy Asian appetizers while also tasting great with turkey, pork, or other white meats too.

  • Alcohol content: 11.1%
  • Price at Drinkies.ph: 630 PHP + 1 FREE wine glass

Yellow Tail Chardonnay white wine

This Chardonnay has everything you want in a premium white wine: bright, flavorful, fresh, and easy to drink. It's a well-balanced blend of grapes from some of Australia's most prestigious growing regions. This white bottle boasts delightful lemon melon flavors that are well balanced by a subtle wood scent. 

The drink has a delicate yet refreshing texture, a perfect acidity, and a creamy, smooth finish that complements almost any dish. If you're serving lobster, crab legs, or scallops in white wine sauce for your special Christmas feast, you'll need a wine that is up to the task. This crisp, oaked Chardonnay wine has enough butteriness to complement those flavors, and it's also crisp enough to cut through the fat part and leave your palate ready for the next bite.

  • Alcohol content: 7.5%
  • Price at Drinkies PH: 549 PHP

Chandon Brut sparkling wine

Crisp, fresh, and effortlessly cool, Chandon Brut sparkling wine is your go-to choice bubbly for entertaining, sipping, and gifting this Christmas season. The drink is a classic expression of California vineyards, with its signature green apple, pear, and citrus notes for a soft, dry finish.

Chandon Brut wine pairs nicely with shellfish, crab, oysters, and Filipino pulutan to ease the greasy feeling. So, come this Christmas day, get prepping for the festivities with the best food options that work wonders with this great vino. Once that's done, pop opens the sparkling wine and let the good times begin.

  • Alcohol content: 12.5%
  • Price at Drinkies PH: 900 PHP

Yellow Tail Pink Moscato - Best Christmas gift idea for rose lovers

Life's better when you think pink! This holiday season, let’s send off best wishes to your loved ones while raising your glass with this delicious rose wine. Pink Moscato Yellow Tail is everything a great wine should be: zingy, refreshing, and easy to drink. It's zingy and delightful, with notes of ripe strawberries and red apples. Specifically, this Australian rose reveals a brilliant, bright pink color in the glass with stunning hints of blueberry, pear, apple, and blackcurrant. 

Food pairing with the delicious Yellow Tail Pink Moscato is just simple, as it is so versatile and easy-going. If you are thinking about Christmas toast, then bring on grilled chicken and salmon. These dishes will match perfectly with the light, floral flavors of a fizzy fruit rose wine. Sweet desserts will also shine when served with a glass of this palate-cleansing Yellow Tail.

  • Alcohol content: 7.5%
  • Price at Drinkies PH: 546 PHP

Yellow Tail Merlot red wine

Yellow Tail Merlot is smooth and sweet, with plum and cherry flavors and a touch of licorice or anise. This  Merlot bottle is a fantastic alternative to the darker, tannic red varieties you usually see. It's bursting with ripe blackberry fruit yet soft and supple enough to suit every drinker. The Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot's bold flavors in the drink combine perfectly to create a wonderful balance of fruit with a hint of spice.

Where a more overtly tannic red wine would be overbearing, Yellow Tail Merlot pairs well with thickly sauced foods such as beef (or even fish) in a red wine sauce or casseroles. It's also a great wine for cooking, as it makes a rich base for red wine sauces. Caramelized roast vegetables, particularly those with a hint of sweetness, such as roast squash, red peppers, and beets, as well as fried or grilled mushrooms, are Merlot-friendly side dishes that you can prepare this Christmas night.

  • Alcohol content: 7.5%
  • Price at Drinkies PH: 546 PHP

Jacob's Creek Cabernet Sauvignon - A Christmas gift idea for fans of spicy wines

If your loved ones enjoy spicy wines, try this Jacob's Creek Cabernet Sauvignon to offer him or her a more powerful kick on the palate. This is a classic Australian Cabernet Sauvignon, full of cherry and tannins in moderation. Above all, the mild cedar and spice aromas can linger for a long time after sipping, leaving you with a very smooth and well-structured feeling. 

With rich, intensely fruity flavors, this is a special bottle to pour alongside any beef or red meat main course. It would even hold up next to sweet desserts, especially chocolate or red berry treats.

  • Alcohol content: 13.7%
  • Price at Drinkies.ph: 630 PHP + 1 FREE wine glass

Jacob's Creek Shiraz Cabernet

Legendary in South Eastern Australia, Jacob's Creek Shiraz Cabernet presents a modern expression of the classic Aussie blend of shiraz and cabernet sauvignon red wine. When you take the very first sip, you'll expect delightful aromas of dark cherry and plum with mocha spice. Then, the palate offers intense blackberry, plum notes with pepper, and subtle oak. 

Australian shiraz red wine is typically much sweeter and riper than European-style shiraz or shiraz blends so you'd better not pair it with French food - or Italian dishes come to that. Think big flavors - and spices for your Christmas toast such as grilled or roast beef, barbecue, roast or grilled lamb, or hard cheese recipes.

  • Alcohol content: 13.7%
  • Price at Drinkies.ph: 630 PHP + 1 FREE wine glass

Anderson Valley Gewürztraminer white wine

Gewürztraminer can most assuredly be identified in a blind tasting test before anyone even took a sip. A truly sensual experience, Gewürztraminer white wine is a usual drink that makes itself known with unmistakable, bold, tropical aromas.  Lightly lemony and dry with strong hints of honeysuckle, cloves, and rose petals, this Anderson Valley Gewürztraminer white wine is so much easier to drink than it is to spell. 

This white wine can even battle it out with many red wines when it comes to food pairings. If you serve turkey, chicken recipes, or seafood for Christmas, pair it with this crowd-pleasing white. Undeniably fragrant, white wine Gewürztraminer makes a match in heaven with fragrant and spicy foods as it is a dry, off-dry, or medium-dry wine. Furthermore, a sweet Gewürztraminer can be just as agreeable with dessert as well.

  • Alcohol content: 13.9%
  • Average price: 958 PHP 

Napa Valley Mountain Cuvée

This bold Bordeaux red wine blend from the Napa Valley comes in strong with plum, red currant, and floral notes, as well as a little touch of vanilla and spice, making it perfect for holiday sipping. On the palate, the wine's tannins are impeccably balanced that adds depth to the lush ripe berry flavors. Made for more festive enjoyment, this is the red wine to choose when you're looking for vivid, mouth-filling fruit flavors.

You can try Napa Valley Mountain Cuvée with a cheese course, elegant main recipes like a standing rib roast, or even a tray of grandma's Christmas cookies as well.

  • Alcohol content: 14.5%
  • Average price: 1815 PHP 

Banfi Chianti Classico Riserva

Tuscany’s Chianti Classico is a pillar of Italian wine — an excellent choice you can return to again and again. This drink is produced from the Sangiovese grape and is marked by its naturally high acidity. The wine presents a beautiful combination of blueberry, raspberry, and cherry tastes with subtle cedar and coffee notes — all of it supported by a robust but smooth tannic structure. Chianti Classico Riserva wines are required to receive more aging than non-Riserva ones, with a minimum of 28 months, including at least a year in Slavonian oak barrels.

One of the best values is from Banfi Tuscany, an American-owned label with Italian heritage. It is a true bargain for this holiday season at around $19 and is an excellent wine to have on hand for an Italian-accented Christmas feast or alongside the appetizer spread to get your party started.

  • Alcohol content: 13%
  • Average price: 958 PHP 

4 rules for the perfect Christmas gifts ideas for your wine lovers

The Christmas tree is now up, the Christmas wreath is hung, and the Christmas cactus has bloomed. But you've still got a few important people left on your list. Wine is one of those Christmas gift ideas that work for almost everyone. It's always appreciated and it will never be returned or re-gifted. Having said that, the tricky part here is picking up a wine that feels special and at the same time worthy of the money spent. Here are some winning tips to help you select a good wine bottle that will make a thoughtful gift on a special occasion like Christmas.

  1. Select a trustworthy store that has a large collection of wines

The benefit of purchasing in a trusted store that specializes in wine is that they are well informed and better trained. Hence, they can help you find a good bottle of wine for your Christmas day at a decent price. Furthermore, you can also put your mind at ease when it comes to product quality when buying your wine bottles there. 

With that in mind, Drinkies.ph is here to solve all of your problems. Empowered and developed by Heineken Philippines, Drinkies.ph is the official supplier of top-rated winemakers in the world. We offer a broad wine collection, ranging from whites, reds, roses, to sparkling wines and there’s always an option to suit your personal preference. 

Most importantly, you’re free to celebrate the Christmas holiday with your loved ones without worrying about flocking to the street to get your hands on your favorite bottles. All you need to do is to stay at home, place an order via our website, sit back, and wait for Drinkies to do the rest.

  1. Don’t go at the looks of the bottle

The first impression isn't everything. Although front labels can be appealing, make sure to look at the entire box before making a purchase. To learn more about the wine, read the back label. Fruits, tastes, the aging process, importers, and geography can all provide information about the wine. Look for any seals of approval, such as awards or reviews, as these are all indicators of excellent wine.

  1. Try something new as your unique Christmas gift ideas

For the specialness of your Christmas gift ideas, you can walk a little further in and avoid the ubiquitous bottles. Spend some time exploring the world of wine. Since taste is subjective, you can take time to try new wine varietals from regions all around the world. 

Trying something new is always an exciting and adventurous experience. This practice gives you the idea of what something off-the-beaten-path is supposed to taste like – and that will make it more special to your loved ones.

  1. Wine storage before the big day

Another difficulty in this holiday season is how to properly store your wine gift before giving it to your loved ones or popping it on the big day. Well, with red wines, It’s best to store them in an unheated room or wherever you usually keep them until shortly before serving. Whites, on the other hand, are frequently allowed to become overly cold – especially if you've been super-organized and put them in the fridge earlier in the day. Said that,  don't forget to chill them before serving.

Before you go…

Everyone knows someone who adores wine, whether it's a fresh bottle of rosé, white wine, or a glass of red wine while watching the latest Christmas television program in the middle of the winter. Hope that with this guide, you’re inspired with useful Christmas gift ideas to toast this holiday season. And finally, Merry Christmas!