Beer is an extremely popular alcoholic drink that is enjoyed by both genders. Not only men but female also drink beer, knowing that the beverage could bring about tremendous health benefits. So, what are the benefits of drinking beer for another half of the world? Take your time as in this post, will unravel the answer and round up the best beers worth trying in 2021.

Reasons why female also drink beer

Here’s some good news for women who love treating themselves to a pint of beer: according to scientific studies, beer may protect women against the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and generally make them happier in the long run. Moderate beer consumption for a woman is defined as one alcoholic drink or a 12-ounce bottle of beer per day.

Drinking beer reduces the risk of heart disease

A study involving 200,000 participants conducted at Italy’s Fondazion di Ricerca e Cura in 2020 indicated that people, especially women who drank a pint of beer once or twice a week had a 31% lower chance of developing heart disease compared to nondrinkers. This heart-protecting power of beer stems mainly from beer’s natural antioxidants called phenols. However, the study also showed that the more beer consumed, the increased risk of heart disease in female drinkers is. 

So, it is safe to say that having a pint of a Friday evening to wind down after a hard-working week at work can be doing you more good than you thought.

Female also drink beer to improve bone density

Beer has numerous health benefits, including assisting recovery after a workout, but it appears that the drink is especially beneficial to women. Simply explained, women must work harder as they age to maintain their bone density. And if you're a woman, you've probably seen your elderly homies pop a calcium supplement or even taken one yourself. However, while calcium supplement is all fine and well, a nice pint of beer might help even more.

Beer produced using only fresh ingredients often contains dietary silicon. This is an ingredient that is particularly essential for improving the mineral density of our bones. Regularly drinking beer could show the benefit of strengthening your bones over time and serve as a protective barrier against conditions like osteoporosis later on in life. On a larger scale, improving bone density through moderate beer consumption can help women to reduce the risk of serious accidents and reduce the chance of serious conditions as they age. 

Drinking beer to reduce inflammation

Hops in beer, with their bitter taste, can actually block inflammation to help women heal and prevent a series of conditions as they age. These bitter acid ingredients block inflammation from a number of chronic pain, which usually occurs in middle-aged women. Traveling back in time, these acid elements from hops had been used for hundreds of years as a bitter herbal treatment that could assist with the process of healing and for improving injury recovery as well.

Female also drink beer as it can lower the risk of diabetes

This is another remarkable benefit of beer drinking for women to be mentioned. According to a 2011 Harvard study of about 38,000 middle-aged women, participants who drank one to two beers on a weekly basis had a 25% reduction in the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The alcohol content in beer, as long as you drink it moderately, actually increases insulin sensitivity, which helps prevent diabetes. Moreover, beer is also a good source of soluble fiber that serves an important role in the healthy diet of women suffering from diabetes. 

Last but not least, thanks to natural ingredients (hops, yeasts, and grains) that can be found in almost any beer, there’s a lesser chance of gaining pounds uncontrollably in women due to extensive sugars and preservatives. 

Benefits of beer in reducing the risk of dementia and intellectual impairments

When it comes to our intellectual wellness, beer can also do womankind a service. According to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine which examined over 12,000 elderly women, participants who consistently drank about one-half to one drink per day had both less chance of developing cognitive impairments as well as less decline in their cognitive function compared to people who didn’t drink at all.

Female also drink beer: Best beer to rock your party

Heineken beer

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Enjoy Heineken, one of the world's most popular pale lagers from the same-named brewery, at every relaxing moment. Heineken beers have been a much-loved alcoholic beverage in the Philippines, with many awards and accomplishments, thanks to high-quality goods and a solid understanding of the local palate.

Heineken is a full-bodied premium lager with a deep golden hue, a slightly bitter flavor, and a well-balanced hop aroma for a crisp, clean finish. Furthermore, unlike other mass-produced beers, this pale lager stands out from the crowd since it has a bitter aftertaste. Its general 5% ABV is also a strong plus point that perfectly suits new female drinkers as well. So, whether you're enjoying a pint at home or pairing it with Filipino cuisine, there's no wonder that Heineken is a good choice.

The current situation might hold back all of your social gatherings or hang out at bars or pubs. However, that’s doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy your fresh draught beer. Here at Drinkies, we offer a Heineken draught kit for the ultimate beer tasting experience at home. What’s even better than having a chilled glass of beer right from the tap and quench your thirst without any hassle?

Tiger beer 

Tiger Crystal is another wonderful beer option to keep you up at night! It is a filtered beer with a crystal-cold finish that has become a worldwide favorite among beer drinkers. The beverage is delicately produced with pale lager, and a special hop combination and a decent alcohol content to rock your e-cheer girl's nights.

The beer is brewed using a unique Crystal Cold Filtration brewing technique, which filters it at a crystal cold temperature below zero degrees to keep all of the beer's most desired and purest flavors and aromas. Tiger Crystal is encased in crystal-clear flint glass to enhance its purity. This wonderful pale lager has a modest bitterness, a delicate sweetness, and a lovely aftertaste when compared to Heineken.

If you’re looking for something bold and rich, look no further than Tiger beer black. The deep black beer is brewed using premium black rice from Asia, resulting in a tempting lager with depth while maintaining approachable in flavors. If you’re already a beer drinker, its 6.9% ABV surely satisfies your palate.

Asahi super dry beer

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Asahi Super Dry is one of the most popular Japanese beer brands available in the Philippines.  Alcohol tastes are shifting and this Japanese brewer knows how to make women drink more. 

Asahi dry beer is well-known for its refreshing barley flavor and superb creaminess, thanks to improved brewing procedures and high-quality ingredients. It is a fantastic drink for any anniversary year around, aside from being an alcoholic drink to relieve your thirst during the summer holidays. 

Schöfferhofer Grapefruit Hefeweizen fruity beer

Schöfferhofer's Grapefruit Hefeweizen is a fresh and super refreshing take on the popular German wheat beer for any ladies who enjoys a fruity beer. The famous German brewery made their first grapefruit hefeweizen in 2007. This beer version is half hefeweizen, half grapefruit, so those clove, banana, and bread flavors are brightened with tart citrus. While being delicious on its own, Schöfferhofer Grapefruit Hefeweizen is also a wonderful base for beer cocktails.

Budweiser beer

Budweiser is known for more than just fantastic commercials. Adolphus Busch - the founder of the brewery - established the company in 1857 after traveling from Germany to America. He joined his father-in-company, the law's bringing new ideas to the table. It was renamed the Anheuser-Busch Brewing Association in 1879. 

Many beer drinkers liked dark ales before Budweiser, but this lager provided a pleasant alternative with its smooth, appetizing flavor, which can be drunk year-round, especially during this festive season. It has since become one of the most popular beers that appear in many pubs and bars in the Philippines as well.


Corona is a popular name that has been seen in the media but not associated with beer in the last few years, but it should not detract attention from this profitable brand. That said, the Covid 19 pandemic has caused some people to avoid this beer option merely because of its name. 

Originated in Mexico and produced by the brewery Cervecería Modelo, the Corona beer brand is part of the Belgian-owned company AB InBev. It was first out of the market in 1925 and still remains a favorite beer option for drinkers all around the world. The golden lager is well-known for its light and refreshing aftertaste and is a fantastic drink for chilled climates and fall months often served with a thin wedge of lime or lemon.

Manila beer

Another great drinking option for your ultimate girl’s night. Manila Beer - the beer of the capital city -  is a premium all-malt alcoholic beverage with a strong kick when you take your very first sip. It has a bigger body and a cleaner taste than other beer brands, and it is made with only the finest ingredients, giving you superior taste in every mouthful.

Female also drink beer: Alcohol affects women differently compared to men

Because women are typically smaller, have less water in their bodies, and metabolize alcohol more slowly than males. That's the reason why their blood alcohol level will be higher after drinking the same amount of alcohol as a guy. This means that a woman's brain and liver are exposed to more alcohol than that of a man.  Women with alcohol problems may consume less alcohol than men, yet they still suffer from the same amount of impairment. Even if they drink less, they are more likely to suffer liver damage and other alcohol-related health problems than men.

On the other hand, women who drink beer beyond moderation may increase the risk of heart disease. Too much alcohol consumption or heavy beer consumption clearly has risks for women, including higher risks of cancer, cognitive impairments, depression, and personal injuries,...

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy is almost certainly unsafe. It has the potential to cause birth abnormalities and other catastrophic harm to an unborn child. Alcohol consumption during pregnancy, particularly in the first two months, is linked to a higher risk of miscarriage, fetal alcohol syndrome, and developmental and behavioral problems after birth. If you're expecting a child, avoid drinking alcohol.

When you're breastfeeding, it's also not a good idea to drink alcohol. Alcohol,  when it travels through breast milk, can cause abnormal development of skills that need both mental and muscular coordination, such as the ability to roll over. Alcohol can also disrupt a baby's sleep cycle. 

The final notes

Female also drink beer as this beverage can bring about tremendous benefits. However, to reap all these benefits, it’s advisable to remember to keep tabs on the amount of beer intake (just 1 glass of beer a day) and drink responsibly!

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