Heineken is loved by many beer drinkers all around the world for its rich and refreshing flavors. But have you ever wondered how the company got its name as today, or how it ensures its flagship beer always tastes great? Or what’s behind the red star and the symbolic green bottles? Not to worry, Drinkies.ph is here to shed light on some fun facts about Heineken beer that you probably didn’t know.

10 fun facts about Heineken beer

Heineken Lager Beer (Heineken Pilsener in Dutch), or simply Heineken, is a pale lager beer with 5% alcohol by volume that is packaged in a green bottle with a red star from the Dutch brewing company Heineken. 

Fun facts about Heineken beer’s ingredients: Heineken beer has only 3 ingredients

Heineken's international craft and brewmaster, Willem van Waesberghe, describes the beer as pleasant, with a balance of bitterness and fruity flavors, especially banana. According to Heineken, its flavor is obtained by employing only three pure ingredients: water, malted barley, and hops. Prior to brewing, barley grain must be malted, which includes soaking the grain in water and allowing it to germinate in order to convert it to malt. This trick procedure contributes to the distinctive flavor of the beer.

Hops, according to Heineken, are "the flavor-makers of beer," as well as responsible for extending the shelf life of the beverage. In addition, as almost 95% of beer is water, it serves a vital role. Furthermore, only clean, high-quality water is used, thus resulting in a delicious beer.

Heineken has created a special yeast for its beer

Have you ever wondered what is responsible for the delightfully rich flavor and aroma of Heineken beer? The brewery explains that the beer’s great taste is mainly the result of A-Yeast. 

Let travel back in time when Gerard Adriaan Heineken, the founder, set up a laboratory in 1886 in Amsterdam. The lab was built exclusively for the chemist Dr Hartog Elion to develop a new yeast element. Elion, along with his coworker - a French chemist named Louis Pasteur, had cultivated two pure and special strains of yeast: the Heineken A-yeast and the D-yeast. In autumn 1886, the A-yeast was used in the beer production process and it won the heart of the customers. Heineken’s special A-yeast was so successful that the brewery received a gold medal at the Paris World Exhibition just 3 years later.

The A-yeast is still being used in Heineken’s beer today, and this special yeast strain gives a unique taste to the beer.

Fun facts about Heineken beer’s production: Heineken slightly modify its recipe every year

Heineken has a traditional recipe that follows for each batch of beer, but the recipe must be adjusted on an annual basis in order to get the exact same taste every year. This is due to the fact that each harvest season is different, according to the beer brewery. Every harvest requires the same amount of sugars. And because each growing season produces a different harvest, the amount of barley used must be adjusted. As Heineken says, "It's not about the recipe; it's all about the original taste."

Heineken uses horizontal fermentors

Unlike many beer companies that employ vertical fermentors, Heineken opts for horizontal tanks instead. Horizontal tanks are more expensive than the traditional vertical ones as they take up more space, but it’s totally worth it because this type of fermentor helps give the beer its distinctive flavor. According to Heineken, the company discovered that horizontal tanks can create the perfect pressure for its A-yeast, which is crucial to getting the beer’s rich, balanced taste.

Fun facts about Heineken beer’s popularity: Heineken is now available in more than 70 countries

Being one of the longest-standing breweries in the world, no question that Heineken has succeeded in becoming one of the most successful beer brands in the world and have millions of loyal customers. Especially, Heineken is now the second-largest brewer in the world and their strength grew significantly after their acquisition of Scottish and Newcastle.

Today, Heineken beer is available in more than 70 countries worldwide, but in 1873, it didn’t travel much further than its local market - Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Founder Gerard Heineken was only 22 years old when he started his brewing journey and put his family name to his new premium lager beer. But through constant adaption and innovation over 140 years and four generations, the beer brand now serves over 25 million Heineken cans and bottles worldwide every day.

Heineken beer is brewed a little longer than usual lager

The greatest things in life are worth waiting for. Producing great-tasting beer takes time, effort, and patience, and a solid 28-day period is invested in brewing a premium Heineken to ensure a well-balanced taste, refreshing clarity, as well as a beautiful golden color. It’s definitely worth the wait to get the beer’s distinctively rich taste in every sip.

Fun facts about Heineken beer’s advertising strategy: Heineken sponsors many sports events

Heineken has always come up with a strong and appealing advertising strategy and this is one of the reasons why this beer brewery has enjoyed such huge success. Heineken is instantly recognizable for its green bottles or cans and the bright red star, especially in sporting events. 

The best-known of these events is the Heineken Cup, which is an annual football union knock-out competition. Heineken is also the proud sponsor of a tennis event called the Heineken Open and has played an important role in the UEFA Champions League since 2005. In the year to come, the drinks brand plans to bank on women’s sport to raise its profile by expanding its sponsorship net to include the Uefa Women’s Euro 2022, Uefa Women’s Champions League, and W Series.

For enthusiasts of Heineken beer’s history: There is a museum at the Original Brewery in Amsterdam

For anyone who is keen on learning more about the history of Heineken International, there is a chance for you to do so if you visit the very first brewery that opened in Amsterdam. The original beer brewery has its own museum called the Heineken Experience. It is everything about Heineken beer, Heineken brewery, and Heineken Pilsner. 

The Heineken Experience museum building was built in 1867 and it had been in use as a brewery until 1988. Part of the building was fell down in 1991 and, in the remaining building, the Heineken Reception and Information Centre was established. The name of the building was changed to the Heineken Experience in 2001. Today, the museum is an interesting destination for people of all ages as it features guided tours, interactive activities, beer tastings, rides, and various exhibits. Adult tourists are also treated to two full glasses of chilled Heineken lager.

Heineken beer with its companies in the Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa

Although this beer company originates in Europe, they are now an international brand with operating companies across the globe. While Heineken pale lager is especially popular in Europe and America, it is also a well-known beer brand in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East with many operating companies in each of these parts of the world. 

When it comes to their operating companies in the Middle East and Africa, they have two beer breweries each in both Algeria and Nigeria. Other countries where they have operating companies include  Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Burundi, Lebanon, Reunion, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Africa, Tunisia, and Sierra Leone. Heineken also has 14 operating companies in the Asia Pacific and has played an active role in the drinking culture of some countries such as the Philippines, Vietnam, and China.

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Fun facts about Heineken beer: Heineken is suitable for vegans

Another strong plus point that speaks to the needs of all vegans out there! Heineken beer contains no animal products, which means it is totally vegan-friendly. 

However, it should be noted that the beer itself is not gluten-free. Heineken beer typically contains a small proportion of gluten that’s derived from the grain used to brew it. Hence, if you’re dealing with gluten sensitivity, it’s better to be aware of the beer’s ingredients for the sake of your health.

Heineken and food tasting with Heineken

Some winning tips on tasting Heineken beer:

  • When pouring Heineken beer, keep in mind that the glass and the beer bottle should never come in contact
  • Take some short sniffs of the beer to get the aromas
  • Taste your beer in slurps (yes slurps!). This action will get lots of air into the beer, giving you a chance to taste its refreshing flavors

Heineken beer pairs well with shellfish and mild cheeses. The yeasty flavors of this beer can easily be overshadowed when served with food. Simple, lightly flavored dishes, such as soup or fresh cheeses, are the best food pairing choice. Furthermore, Heineken pairs well with roasted meats of all kinds.

Some final words

Smooth, perfectly blended bitterness with a clean finish. Wherever you go in the world, it’s always pleasant to see something you recognize. That green bottle, the iconic red star, the smiling ‘e’,... from Heineken beer bottles are like an instant welcome from an old friend. Let’s impress your beer buddies with these fun facts about Heineken beer as you enjoy the cold lager on your next night out. 

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