Hot weather calls for a pint of beer with impactful flavor and a light, refreshing finish. While there are many brew styles out there, one is a little more enjoyable when the sun is beating down relentlessly - Heineken keg. So, come these endless weather days, what’s even better than playing bartender at home with our Buy 1 Get 1 Promo? Just a few clicks away, you’ll get 2 8L Heineken Kegs for the price of one - P1899 from March 18 - April 30. Hesitate no more, it’s time to find out why Heineken keg is your must-have drinking option this coming summer.

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Here’s another way to enjoy a cold Heineken, a light-bodied beer that is brewed with 100% quality barley malt, hops, and pure water.

Premium beer with refreshing flavors

Heineken beer is a pale lager made using the same method invented in 1873, and the whole process takes roughly 28 days to finish, twice as long as the ordinary lagers on the market. 

The beer owes its characteristic clear, light color to the use of only the highest quality barley. The taste of Heineken beer keg, which is recognized worldwide, especially among the young target group, is based on its own developed yeast strains and a special brewing process with horizontal fermentation tanks. The revolutionary A-yeast gives our beverage its mild, fresh taste with the unmistakable, pleasantly fruity note that you cannot find in other lagers of the same shelf.

You can also notice a somewhat bitter flavor while having a glass of Heineken, which aims to enhance the beer's drinkability.  Its 5% alcohol content goes down smooth, making the beer a great conversation starter to share with friends and homies.

Heineken served from the tap for ultimate refreshment

Draught beer is absolutely delicious. That’s exactly a thing we can all agree on. While cracking open a beer can or bottle is always a refreshing experience, there is nothing better than a freshly poured pint of your favorite beer serving from the tap.

Simply explained, there are some notable reasons why beer stored in kegs’ taste is of superior quality compared to other types of the drink. First, the beer keg serves as a protector protecting the liquid and eliminating degradation from sunlight. It also helps to prevent oxygen from seeping in, thus keeping the drink fresh for longer. Furthermore, with a keg, there is a shorter turnaround from the beer brewery to a distributor, and even shorter if you drink it directly at the production place. 

Our 8L Heineken kegs offer two of your favorite things: chilled beer served on draft and cutting-edge technology. The built-in CO2 pressure system allows drinkers to enjoy genuine Heineken beer keg in your fridge without worrying about any storage requirement. Furthermore, it allows for a crisp quality lager with Heinekens' signature head of foam and the trademark "bite" in every sip.

The beer can be kept fresh for up to 30 days in all of the kegs thanks to a proprietary tapping technique. So, even if your milk bottle has gone bad, your meat has developed an unusual odor, and your eggs are no longer safe, you may still enjoy a chilled pint of Heineken at home without giving much thought about its expired date.

Take a look at our Buy 1 Get 1 promo Heineken keg, which holds 8 liters of beer. It's a basic, rapid beer keg system that's easy to set up at home, and the empty beer keg can be disposed of after usage without any hassle. Imagine having an uncompromising quality of Heineken lager to enjoy right in the comfort of your home. All you need to do is simply place the keg in your refrigerator for roughly ten hours to enjoy eight liters (2.1 gallons) of Heineken beer, clip on the faucet, and enjoy.

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Variety of beer snack

Heineken 8L beer kegs allow you to enjoy the freshness and smooth flavor of fresh Heineken beer in the comfort of your own home. And, when it comes to food pairing, our beer will complement any recipe on your table to make your tasting experience even better. When it comes to Heineken food matching, the possibilities are practically endless, ranging from shellfish and salmon to earthy-style cheeses of all kinds. Our premium lager-style beer is also a great companion to barbecue and Italian foods, in particular, fish or pork.

Lighter lager beers, such as Heineken beer keg, are ideal for pairing with Pulutan in beer sessions, and the cooler the better. You're set to quench your thirst with just a pint of the drink, which readily washes down the fatty foods. Its excellent balance of sweet and bitter flavors will enhance your palate.

Heineken beer keg with various health benefits

Moderate beer consumption can level off the risk of experiencing a stroke and developing type 2 diabetes. At the same time, beer-drinking also helps to eliminate stress and supports the operation of the urinary system. Other than that, the act of beer drinking in moderation can boost our memory and facilitate cognitive skills to some extent.

Having said that, to fully reap Heineken beer's health benefits, it's advisable to drink it occasionally and responsibly. Consuming too much beer for a long period of time can lead to major health problems like alcoholism, depression, weight gain, just to name a few.

On the whole, it's always wonderful to see something familiar and, certainly, popular to everyone wherever you go. Heineken is like a warm welcome from an old friend, with its iconic green bottle, red star, and smiling "e" letter. Smooth, delightful flavors, versatility in food pairing, along with the ultimate refreshment from the tap, and many health benefits, Heineken keg is truly the star of the season.  

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Chill the Heineken keg for a while

Draught beer is often served at a temperature of 7 to 10°C (45 to 50 °F), according to experts. However, there is a difference between two forms of draught beer: beer stored in kegs and beer stored in casks. In this post, we'll go over the serving conditions of our 8L Heikenen keg in detail.

If you want a glass of beer from a Heineken beer keg, you'll need to cool it down ahead of time. Keep in mind that kegs are large liquid containers that will take a long time to cool down to the proper temperature. The beer should be chilled to around 2 to 8 °C (37 to 46 °F) for the best experience.

Pouring and serving Heineken beer keg

While the beer brewing stage is a science, there are also well-established standards for pouring and serving beer keg.  If you pour the beer into the bottom of the glass incorrectly, you'll probably end up with more foam than liquid in your glass. To pour your Heineken beer properly, follow these steps:

  1. Step 1: Hold your beer glass at a 45-degree angle. Keep the class a few inches below the keg's faucet and adjust the position so it doesn't touch it.
  2. Step 2: Quickly open the faucet. Pour beer down the edge of the glass until it's about half filled.
  3. Step 3: Continue to fill your glass while gradually tilting it upright to a 90-degree angle. This way, a generous head of foam will form at the top of the glass. Now, it’s time to enjoy!

A note for you is that the first glass can have more foam because the line in the keg that carries the drink to the top of the keg is filled with carbon dioxide before you tap it. If our Heineken beer is cold enough, your second glass should be perfect. Allow your keg to settle in the fridge for a while if the keg was shaken too much when it was being juggled into position.

Do not let the beer hang around

As soon as you open the beer keg, it's going to start losing life, so if you can, make sure to try and enjoy the beer on the day you open it. It will be perfectly drinkable the next few days as well, but for the most refreshing experience, avoid letting the beer hang around for too long.

Pay attention to your glassware 

Make sure your beer glasses are clean, nothing kills the life of your chilled beer like dirty glasses. Clean and rinse them well, any soap left in glassware will kill that lovely head and take life from the beer.

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Heineken beer keg, with its crisp taste and pleasant foamy head, has long been a favorite choice for many beer enthusiasts. If you're looking for a perfect way to elevate your drinking celebrations this summertime, do not miss out on our Buy 1 Get 1 promo: Get 2 8L Kegs for the price of one -P1899 Heineken from March 18 - April 30. Cheers!