Now that fall is here, it’s time to soak up some festive vibes and suck down a few chilled beers. The cool and a bit rainy weather provides a great opportunity to drink a wide variety of beers throughout the season. Here at Drinkies, we offer one of the most attractive promotion programs of the year - Pay Day promo, in which you’ll stand a chance to get a free Tiger click opener when purchasing 2x6 pack Tiger Crystal 330ml bottle or 2x6 pack Tiger Black 500ml can. Hesitate no more, let’s dive deeper into the promo to see what we consider to be the best beers to drink this fall.

Pay Day Promo with 2 best beers that go big in flavors

The best part about drinking beers in this festive season is that it’s not quite cold enough where you can still enjoy a stronger one, but on particularly nice days, you can break out the light beers and have a few sessions with your friends. With the humid weather conditions in the Philippines right now, you can never go wrong giving yourself a treat to our offerings as below.

  1. Pay Day promo: Tiger Crystal with its refreshing taste for the heat of Asia

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A delightful drinking option to offer maximum enjoyment in your next night out! Tiger Crystal is a classic sunshine-style pale lager beer, created for the heat of Asia, and brewed with pale lager malt and a special combination of hops. It presents a stunning fruity aroma and a delicate flavor that any beer drinker is going to love.

Unlike the original Tiger Beer, Tiger Crystal is made using a unique brewing method.  Ice-filtered with world-class brewing technology, Tiger Crystal beer is a crystal-cold and extra smooth beverage that tastes incredibly refreshing. It is brewed from all-natural ingredients and filtered using the unique -1°C crystal cold filtration process that maintains and enhances desirable flavors and aroma.  What's the end result? A pale gold lager with a 4.6 percent ABV and a decent, crisp flavor that everyone will enjoy.

The beer also comes encased in a faux crystal bottle, the perfect vessel for all sophisticated beer drinkers out there.

  • Alcohol content: 4.6%
  • Price at 539 PHP for 2 Tiger Crystal 330ml 6 pack bottles
  1. Pay Day Promo: Tiger Black with its 6.9 ABV to define your taste buds

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Do you appreciate a beer with bite and unique character; an option that holds true to its roots while expanding your horizons? Then Tiger beer black is exactly what you’re looking for.

The Tiger beer black alcohol content sits at 6.9 %, 2.3% higher than Tiger Crystal. Hence, this beer version could do the magic to invite drinkers to “go bold” in every beer session. Compared to the original Tiger beer, Tiger beer black is made with only 3 ingredients namely malted barley, water, and hops. The use of 100% premium malt aims to create a pure taste, a smoother finish, and a bit sweet, and the ultimate freshness. Other than that, the reduction of bitter yeast in the beer’s ingredient also helps to lower the strong bitterness in each sip.

Tiger beer black represents a light color with a full-bodied feature. Thanks to the centuries-old brewing process of Heineken, Tiger Black has the potential to be a strong candidate against the leading beer in the same category, which means that it can go further than any other “made in Asia” alcoholic drink. 

So, when is the best time to drink Tiger beer black? Well, since a beer with depth often lead to deep and thoughtful conversations. Tiger Black is an excellent beverage for a laid-back, after-hours get-together with old friends.

  • Alcohol content: 6.9%
  • Price at 729 PHP for 2 Tiger Black 500ml 6 pack can

Tiger Crystal vs Tiger Black in our Pay Day promo: The key differences to consider

As mentioned before, Tiger Black is much stronger than its counterpart with 6.9% ABV, while Tiger Crystal sits at only 4.6%, which is suitable for new drinkers. Furthermore, you can easily notice the visual difference: Tiger Black has a deep color and Tiger Crystal is much clearer. 

Here are something you should be aware of when it comes to the key flavor differences between the two versions. Tiger Crystal, the first one, provides a smoother drinking experience. Fans of hazy wheat beers will fall in love with this Asian version, which offers distinct clove, and citrus flavors as well as an ultimately pleasant aftertaste. Tiger Black, on the other hand, encourages beer drinkers to "be bold." The deep black beer is brewed using premium black rice from Asia, resulting in a lager with depth while remaining approachable in flavor.

Pay Day Promo with some winning tips to drink beer like an expert

Beer is the world's oldest fermented beverage, but not many people know how to consume it properly. To begin, select a beer that suits your preferences and pair it with appropriate meals. Then you must serve it at the appropriate temperature and in the appropriate glass or mug. Let's master how to drink beer like an expert with some useful tips from as below:

  1. Choose the right beer-drinking option

There are numerous beer varieties available today, so you can choose the one that you prefer. The most common beer types include:

  • Lager beer: This is a light, clear beer style with sweet, crisp, and smooth flavors thanks to a slow fermentation stage and treatment at lower temperatures. Lager beers always have a low alcohol level. Heineken Original, Tiger Crystal,... are prime examples of this beer type.
  • Ale beer: Ale beer is fermented quickly and often comes with a bit of sweetness content. The beer is known for its robust fruity flavor and fuller body. When it comes to visuals, you can easily recognize it thanks to a cloudy, dark cloudy appearance and a higher proportion of alcohol. If you prefer bitter variations, an Indian Pale Ale is a good choice. However, for real beer lovers, there is also a very strong pale ale. Just remember to be careful as it can knock you off the feet rapidly. 
  • Porter beer: This is a strong beer type with a deep dark color. It’s so dark that you can’t see anything through it.
  • Stout beer: It is ale’s cousin. It is somewhat dark and creamy, with delightful chocolate and coffee taste.
  • Wheat beer: This beer style comes in a light and slightly hazy look with a unique apple, clove, banana, or spicy taste. It is quite sweet and tender in flavor, so bartenders often serve it with a thin lemon wedge on top.

Along with the right beer, it’s important to make sure that your choice is of great quality. There’s no other way than purchasing your beers at a trusted alcoholic store. So if you’re back and forth about beer buying in the Philippines, is here to help. Developed and powered by Heineken Phillippines, is the official supplier of all alcoholic things to give you peace of mind in every sip. There’s no worry about quality as every item is made under strict guarantee and full duty paid. 

Come here at, there’re many more drinking options for you to choose from. Take a browse over our broad collection and you surely find one that suits your taste.

  1. Pair meal with the right beer

Like wine, a particular beer should be paired with a specific food. A tip for you is that always drink light beer options with fish and salads but choose dark brew when you’re having heavy food and red meat. Also, hoppy beer like Tiger Crystal and Tiger Black will pair perfectly with salmon, fried food, and pizza. 

To have your next night out the Philippines way, it’s best to serve your beer with some popular beer snacks such as Chicharon (pig rinds), sisig, pork BBQ, Lechon Kawali, and more. Again, beer with mild to high bitterness content is an excellent choice to ease the greasy feeling of the oily snack and level up your tasting experience.

  1. Choose the right beer glass/beer container

Of course, you can drink your favorite beer from a plastic cup, but you should be aware that you may deserve the whole experience. Therefore, always choose an adequately shaped beer glass or mug made of natural materials.

For low alcohol drinking options, it’s best to choose pint glass or pilsner glass. These glasses allow your hands to warm the beer a bit and let the aromas escape and do not retain the foam on top of your alcoholic beverage.

  1. Pour your beer the right way

In general, beers with higher alcohol content require higher storing temperatures, at 50 to 60 F (10 – 15.5 C). For lager beers, it’s advisable to keep the drink at 45 to 50 F (7 – 10 C). Next, pick out the clean beer glass of the right size and shape. A dirty one can negatively impact the taste and aroma of the drink. Remember to pour beer down the glass’s side at an approximately 45-degree angle and from the high of at least 0.6 to 1.2 inches (2 – 3 cm).

Then, start leveling the beer glass slowly, when it is half-full in order to minimize the created head. At this step, you should wait for the formed foam to settle down a bit before filling it to 3/4 of its height.

  1. Taste your beer the right way

Master these steps to taste your beer like an expert: 

  • Take a look at beer.

Take a look at the beer as a starting point. Examine the body and color, as well as if the head is creamy, foamy, or soon disappears. Then swirl the beer about in a glass a bit to see how it releases aroma and fragrance while maintaining the head.

  • Take a whiff of the beer.

Take a whiff through your nose to see if the beer has a fruity, chocolatey, or bready flavor. Then, take a second smell through your mouth to ensure that the feeling is the same. But there's more! Always check to see if the second swirling enhances or eliminates the scent.

  • Try the beer.

Take the first sip, but don't swallow it right away. Allow it to sit in your tongue for a few seconds and try to detect its flavor. The flavors in a high-quality beer will not conflict but rather blend together. Try to notice any salty or sweet flavors that shift or disappear as the beer warms in your mouth after you've exhaled. To notice all of the changes over time, take the first drink and repeat the procedure.

  1. Keep your beer away from sunlight

You've definitely heard of "skunked" beer, but you might not realize that it's the light, not the age, that generates the unpleasant flavor. To avoid such a situation, it's better to keep beer in a cold, dry location. If you're drinking outside, make sure that your drink is in the shade. Even a few minutes in direct sunshine can create skunky odors.

  1. Do not frost the beer glass

Contrary to what you have heard, a frosty glass won’t enhance the beer taste and elevate your drinking experience. In fact, it will cause the beer to foam quickly and destroy its aroma and carbonation. Hence, it’s a good practice to drink your favorite beer from the glass or mug kept at or a bit below room temperature.

The takeaways

The three beers mentioned above are excellent options for getting low this holiday season. So if you're looking for the best beer bottles or cans to rock your party,  Drinkies is your trusty companion.

Without further ado, place your order and take advantage of our Pay Day promo- Buy 2x6 pack Tiger Crystal 330ml bottle or 2x6 pack Tiger Black 500ml can and get a free Tiger Click opener. Start your beer party, and don't forget to make some snacks to share with your friends and homies in your cozy home!