Summer is coming near. As we're welcoming the season, let us refresh your soul and replenish our bodies with some of the best-chilled beverages out there. Our pre summer sale offers a bunch of summer drinks that you must not miss out on. Hesitate no more, it’s time to dive into our various drinking options that play on the flavors of the season while really hitting the spot on a hot day.

Pre summer sale: Best chilled beers to beat the heat

Come summers, the temperature begins to soar high, leaving everyone feeling a bit fatigued, sweaty, and messed up. Staying hydrated is the most important thing to keep going in this sweltering heat and maintain good health. While freshwater is the utmost important drink to quench thirst, there are other summer beverages that not only satisfy your palate but also keep your body cool. Beers, wines, and cocktails are upon the task.

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Heineken beer

Whether you want a beer for a virtual celebration or drinking at the end of a long day, you can’t go wrong with the Heineken beer. With just enough flavors to remind you that you are, in fact, drinking a beer, and a clean finish, it’s the beer of choice for hot summer days. 

It’s always funny to recognize things that are familiar to you whenever you travel in the world, and Heineken’s distinctive green bottles with the iconic red star have given the beer increased popularity over the last few decades. This malty pale lager has a wonderful bite to it and is malty, full-bodied, and clean-tasting.

In detail, Heineken beer has a deep golden color, a slightly bitter flavor, and a well-balanced hop aroma - a true star in the light lager game. Whether you're enjoying a chilled pint at home or pairing it with Filipino cuisine, there's no doubt that Heineken beer is a great pick. A perfect balance of sweet and bitter, this Dutch lager beer goes down smooth.

  • Alcohol content: 5%
  • Price at 779 PHP for 2 Heineken 330ML 6 Pack Bottles

Pre summer sale with Tiger Crystal beer

Good summer beers are often low-ABV, crisp, and balanced, and their overall flavor should be able to stand up to, but not overwhelm the food recipes you pair them with. Put your mind at ease as Tiger Crystal is exactly what you’re looking for. It is an ice-filtered beer version with world-class brewing technology for clarity, showcasing intense flavor. The drink comes with an unexpected light and crisp finish and no compromise on character, making it a food-friendly option for any dish on your menu.

Tiger Crystal beer is a classic sunshine-style pale lager, created for the heat of Asia, and brewed with unique pale lager malt and a special combination of hops. It delivers a stunning fruity aroma and a delicate flavor that any beer drinker is going to love.

  • ABV: 4.6%
  • Price at 1099 PHP for Tiger Crystal 330ML 24 Bottles

Asahi super dry beer

Asahi Super Dry is a revolutionary alcoholic beverage in Japan that proposed the 'Karakuchi' (dry) taste and values of unprecedented beer. With advanced brewing techniques, strict quality guarantee, as well as quality ingredients, Asahi Super Dry beer is well-liked in the Philippines for its refreshing barley flavor and excellent richness. Its refreshingly crisp, clean taste that's somewhat reminiscent of northern German beers makes it an excellent match for any cuisine.

Since its debut in 1987 as Japan’s first dry beer, Asahi super dry has continued to improve the beer's taste and excite many drinkers. Its taste has set a new standard that is acknowledged in the beverage industry today. 

  • ABV: 5%
  • Price at 1000 PHP for 2 Asahi 330ML 6 Pack Bottle

Tiger black beer

Do you enjoy a beer with a kick and a distinct character, one that holds true to its roots while also expanding your horizons? If that's the case, Tiger beer black is the drink for you.

Tiger beer black has a 6.9% alcohol content, which is 2.3 percent greater than Tiger Crystal. As a result, this beer variant may have the power to convince drinkers to "go bold" during every beer session. Tiger beer black contains only three ingredients: malted barley, water, and hops, as opposed to the original Tiger beer. The use of 100 percent premium malt strives to increase a pure taste, a smoother finish, and a hint of sweetness.  

Aside from that, reducing the amount of bitter yeast in the beer's ingredients also helps to lower the strong bitterness in each sip.

  • Alcohol content: 6.9%
  • Price at 1099 PHP for Tiger Black 330ML 24 Bottles

Pre summer sale with refreshing wine bottle

Warm temperature and wine sipping go hand in hand. Although we love indulging our vino love year-round, there’s something extra special about popping up a bottle beneath the sun. However, keep in mind that not all wines scream to be enjoyed in the summertime. 

Summertime calls for something refreshing, and wines with high alcohol content or tannin levels may be too much for these hot days. The simple answer here is a wine with a fruit-forward taste, low tannins, and tons of thirst-quenching acid. Here are the best wine bottles you can grab on our pre summer sale to tempt your palate.

Jacob's Creek Riesling

Riesling is among the most interesting white wines available. Jacob's Creek Rieslings is typically sweet and viscous and is characterized by crisp acidity with notes of citrus. It is one of the most food-friendly wines a person can drink throughout the summer months, and it's perfect for pairing with Thai food or other spicy cuisines. 

The current vintage style of Jacob’s Creek Riesling is all about zesty aromas and flavors - lime, passionfruit, and spice - along with impressive varietal intensity and zip, all packaged up for a reasonable price. 

  • Alcohol content: 11.1%
  • Average price: 630 PH + 1 Free wine glass

9 Lives Sauvignon Blanc

Known as being perhaps the best possible wine choice for pairing with chicken and many types of seafood, Sauvignon Blanc is often exactly what most people are looking for when looking for the perfect summer white. A fine bottle of 9 Lives Sauvignon Blanc may become the star of the show on a warm summer evening, with its acidic yet gentle notes of lime, herbs, and tropical mango. 

With this 9 Lives white wine, each sip captures the appeal of adventure that encourages you to let your wild side arise and refresh yourself. 

  • Alcohol content: 12.3%
  • Price at 540 PHP

Gato Negro Chardonnay

Chardonnay is one of the few grapes that perfectly captures the smoothness of butter. Though it doesn’t sound quite like what most wine drinkers they’d like to drink, the creaminess of Chardonnay can match any buttery food to a tee.  The combination of a summer breeze, scallops, melting leeks, and a glass of Chardonnay is impossible to beat for warm-weather elegance and an affordable indulgence that any wine lover can enjoy.

Gato Negro Chardonnay delivers crisp flavors and stunning tropical aromas with notes of peach, banana, and wood. With purr-fectly balanced acidity and a long pleasant finish, it is a drinking option that is worth trying this pre summer sale.

Jacob's Creek Dots Moscato

Not everyone fancies a bone-dry white wine, and for those who are searching for something on the sweeter end of the spectrum, Moscato fits the bill.  Jacob’s Creek Dots Moscato Rose is a renowned Australian rose wine that reveals stunning aromas and flavors of ripe strawberry, raspberry, and candied fruits with a hint of pear and sherbet. The drink’s palate is a bit sweet with a refreshing spritz and subtle bright red berries on the finish.

Perfect as a dessert wine or alongside an acidic salad, Moscato Rose can be surprisingly delicious and satisfying at all times. 

  • Alcohol content: 8.4%
  • Price at Drinkies PH: 630 PHP +1 FREE wine glass

Chandon Rose

Rosé is a bit of a catch-all term, as the type of wine that ends up being labeled as a Rosé can vary greatly depending on the conditions. Though Rosé can be made in a variety of ways, the ultimate result is usually the same: crisp acidity, a blush pink hue, and a light body. Rosé, like our Chandon Rose, is a great wine to serve with shellfish, but it's also surprisingly versatile and may be paired with red meats. 

With great intensity and a fine balance of floral and red-fruit notes, it's tough to surpass the refreshing qualities of a well-crafted Rosé when it comes to summer wines.

  • Alcohol content: 13%
  • Price at Drinkies PH: 990 PHP 

Best liqueur and spirit to grab on Pre summer sale

When it’s summer, there’s nothing better than shaking up a fruity, herby, or frozen drink! There’s a great variety of refreshing cocktails that play on the flavors of the season, and to make them, you might need some key ingredients - spirits and liquors. Here are our best spirit choices to beat the heat.

Tandequay gin

Tanqueray is widely regarded as one of the top London Dry gins on the market. It received a double gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2021 and was named Bartenders' Choice of Gin for the eighth consecutive year at the 2020 Drinks International awards. The gin is made with only the best grains, purest water, hand-picked juniper berries, the finest botanicals (juniper, coriander, angelica, licorice), and a unique quadruple distillation method. The result is a well-balanced gin with a distinct herbaceous flavor and a dry finish.

When you take a sip, you'll discover notes of anise, lemon peel, and a delicate white-floral touch, as well as black pepper spice. Tanqueray is a great inspiration for your classic Gin & Tonic cocktail. Just pour a splash of it over a liberal amount of ice in a cocktail glass, top up with your choice of tonic water and garnish with a thin lime wedge, you've got a classic G&T for your summertime.

  • Alcohol content: 47.3%
  • Price at 880 PHP

1800 Reposado tequila

For some reason, Margarita cocktails taste especially good while nursing a light sunburn, but that's not the only reason to pop up a tequila bottle during the summer. Tequila such as 1800 Reposado is fantastic for backyard get-togethers, and its unique and engaging flavor is what we're looking for.

Have a good 1800 Reposado tequila on hand for Margaritas, as they'll give the cocktail more of a peppery bite. Combining the tang feature of lime and the sweetness of orange liqueur with the distinctive strength of tequila, the classic Margarita cocktail strikes all of the right keys and is perfect for your endless summer day.

  • Alcohol content: 40%
  • Price at 1450 PHP

Bacardi Gold rum

Mojitos, Daiquiris, and their many relatives go into heavy rotation during the hot summer months, and for drinks such as these, a good rum is essential.

Experts have already weighed in on the best rums to have on hand for certain cocktails, and our suggested rum is Bacardi Gold. There are a few points worth repeating: It has a richer and deeper profile than Bacardi Carta Blanca with vanilla and butter caramel flavors and a smooth oak finish. It's delicious on its own or mixed up in cocktails like the Rum Manhattan or Cuba Libre.

Another favorite summer drink is just simple yet delicious: rum and coconut water; for this, you'll want a rich rum with a little (but not a lot) of gravitas to it - Don Papa 10-year-old is a great choice.

Final words

Our pre summer sale is approaching. Set alarms for our flash sales and enjoy your fresh cup of beer and other drinks with All you need to do is to stay at your cozy home, place your order via our website, and sit back for Drinkies to deliver your choice of drink and liquor at your front door in less than 60 minutes. Cheers!