The current pandemic has drastically changed how we interact and socialize with others. Because of the pandemic, all parties and gatherings are restricted and even prohibited but that doesn’t mean the fun stops there. How about quarantine drinking games to enjoy a party full of laughter and unforgettable moments? Playing drinking games is not always about the alcohol, but rather about having a good time while playing. Take your time as in this post, Drinkies has rounded up the best 9 quarantine drinking games to break the ice.

9 best quarantine drinking games to play with friends virtually

With the help of the internet and modern technology, some quarantine drinking games can still be played virtually via a chat room or even a video call. If you’re craving human connection and also a generously poured drink, then these gameplay recommendations below are exactly what you’re looking for. 

Have I ever - A fun quarantine drinking games to pull out the truth

This is a popular game that can easily be adapted to the ultimate drinking game. You don’t need to be in the same room or at the same spot to play Never Have I Ever (though, sure, it will help to make sure you can clearly see everyone’s gestures and ensure that no one is cheating). Regardless, this funny game is all about talking about life experiences and laughing about the dumb things we’ve done while we were young and reckless. 

If you’ve never played before, the rule is just simple: players take turns to ask a question in the form of “Never have I ever”. For example, you can say, “Never have I ever passed out in a beer session with families member”. In the drinking game version, those who have done the aforementioned thing are “punished” by having to take a shot or down a beer. The aim of the quarantine drinking game is to open up and know more about each other. Hence, be prepared to know truly embarrassing things or unrevealing facts about your friends.

The best drinking options for your quarantine drinking games should have low/moderate alcohol content so that everyone gets tipsy slowly after each drink. When it comes to beer, the mainstream Heineken (5% ABV) or Tiger Crystal (4.6% ABV) beer bottles are your wise choice. On the other hand, if you’re down for a wine-drinking party, then you never go wrong with roses wine bottles such as Yellow Tail Pink Moscato and white wine like Yellow Tail Moscato (7% ABV). There’re many more drinking options available for you to choose from here at, let’s take a quick look at our store here.

Cup Pong - An alternative version of the classic quarantine drinking game Beer Pong

You’ll find this upgraded quarantine drinking game your new favorite to have extra fun with friends virtually. Cup Pong is part of the Game Pigeon app, which lets you play a variety of virtual games via iMessage, including darts, basketball, and pool. Similar to the classic beer pong, your goal is to toss little ping pong balls into red Solo cups with a small flick of your wrist, you can even earn balls back if you land both balls in cups in a single turn. 

Unlike beer pong, you don’t need to have a bunch of people at the same spot to play the game or at a sweaty party to enjoy it. Just invite a friend to play with you via the app, prepare some beer, and get ready to pour your drink. 

Quiplash quarantine drinking games with lots of laughter

Quiplash is a true battle of wits created by Chicago-based video game developers named Jackbox Games. Basically, the gameplay is intended for a group of three to eight players with the goal is to see who can truly be crowned as the funniest one in the group. 

Quiplash’s rule itself is extremely straightforward and playable: all you need to do is answer prompts, like “the last person/people you’ve texted to” and then go head-to-head with other participants and vote to see whose answer is the most clever or the funniest. For the ultimate drinking session, losers have to down a beer or take a shot, and if anyone can’t come up with an answer in the allowed time frame they’ll have to chug some of the drink as well. Just connect the app to your Zoom account and for sure, the game gets messier and funnier as time goes on. 

Would You Rather quarantine drinking games to test your mind

"Would You Rather" is a much-loved quarantine drinking game that requires no outside accessories. It's purely a game about figuring out how to deal with difficult decisions. Gather your pals on Zoom, or whichever video chatting program you're using, and ask them to prepare a few challenging questions for an internal debate. 

Would you rather drink a shot of hot sauce or a shot of soy sauce? Would you rather message a stranger on Facebook or show your silly dance in front of your parents? Everyone discusses which possibilities they want to choose in this version of the game. The losing team is required to have a drink.

Most likely drinking game to see how others think about you

If you never got a high school/college yearbook superlative, it’s not too late! Let’s play "Most Likely To" to find out what your friends truly think of you. Everyone votes on who is most likely to do or do something, such as most likely to run for president, most likely to need help walking out of the karaoke club after one too many drinks, and most likely to spend their weekend laying in the bed and do nothing. Whoever is voted the most likely to take a shot, whether they approve or not, will do so. With so many hilarious explanations, the game is for sure a great chance to tie the bond and blow off some steam with chilled glasses of beer.

Truth or Drink

This twist on the classic Truth or Dare game is an excellent way to get to know your pals better during Skype/ Zoom happy hour…or see them get a bit tipsy after few shots, whichever happens first. There are no dangerous dares to get anyone in serious trouble playing this quarantine drinking game. All you need to do is to answer a “truth” or take a drink. The only chance for shaming yourself is to answer a particularly embarrassing question after taking a few “drinking” turns. The fun with this gameplay one can go on for hours.

Drink Drank Drunk quarantine drinking game or a group of people

Drink Drank Drunk is a crowdfunded card game that has made its way online (for free!) during the pandemic. To play the game, simply create a virtual room with your friends, draw cards, and perform the instructions listed on the cards. The cards feature various superpowers, weaknesses, and established rules to keep the game exciting and the drinks flowing.

Drink when you hear it

This quarantine drinking game goes well when you’re having a virtual Netflix watch party or listening to a few tunes with friends from distance. It can also be transferred into your general conversations or quizzes. The rule (there’s just only one) is straightforward. Set out a certain word/ a couple of words/a fixed phrase, and have a drink whenever you hear them. You’re free to add a layer of complexity to the game by assigning each participant a different character with a different line. 

Alternatively, if you’re not watching TV shows or listening to anything, just drink every time someone’s kid or pet walks into the room, down your beer every time someone’s video crashes, or have a drink every time someone goes for a toilet break.

Pictionary quarantine drinking games

Pictionary is a great choice when you’re about to have a virtual drinking party with your friends. All you need to have is a pen and paper, and also quite a lot of patience.

To come up with your "item to guess," you can use a random word generator, then get to work drawing it, holding up your paper so that everyone else can see it, and try to figure out what you’ve drawn.

You can turn this into a more fun drinking game by setting a timer (if they don't get your answer in time, you have to drink). Alternatively, you may bring it to a new level making your drawing so that if no one gets it right, you all have to drink, or if someone gets it right, just they are exempt.

Winning tips for your quarantine drinking games

Quarantine drinking games are fun, but remember that there’s no need to feel too pressured to take part in drinking games or down your beer/ take a shot if you're not up for it. You know your alcohol limitations, and your friends or anyone else will appreciate you more for saying “no or a little” than they will if they have to carry a “drunk” you home at midnight.

At the same time, for some people, hangovers the next morning can also come with feelings of anxiety. If so, we recommend everyone to go easy on the drinks (again prepare some low alcohol beverages). Last but not least, if you're worried about having too much in your drinking games, you can try making a weaker version of your normal drink (just add some water) to stay sober until the night.

Last but not least, for the sake of your health, it’s crucial to make sure that your drinks are of great quality. As you may have to consume a lot in your virtual drinking party, you should purchase premium beverages from trustworthy alcohol stores.

Where to get chilled beverages for your quarantine drinking games?

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