Makers and distillers have been flexing to stay up with home bartending and specialist knowledge of spirits on the rise. A 'value over quantity' approach has brought with it this more cautious approach to drinking. But what spirits stand out and why are they worth the investment, with so many great items to choose from? Keep reading and finding out the spirits alcohol list you should try.

Spirits definition

They're essentially the strongest, brawniest of the older brothers in the alcohol family. By fermenting some sort of sugary brew into ethanol and CO2, all alcoholic beverages are made. Since yeast can only ferment so long before alcohol levels become poisonous to them, to get higher alcohol concentrations, we have to distill (or physically separate the water). And that's why "spirits" are distinguished in two ways: they are distilled and have higher average ABVs, from around 20% to as much as 80 or 90% ABV (most spirits fall somewhere much closer to the middle).

Of course, in addition to wine and beer, the word "spirit" does not apply to anything you see in a liquor store. For example, bottles with names like Fernet Branca, Amaretto, Peach Schnapps, or Peychaud's Bitters can also be seen. These are all part of the extended spirits' vibrant, intoxicating family, but they are not exactly spirits (because they have added items such as sugar, herbs, and spices to them and appear to have lower ABVs).

7 Spirits of alcohol you should try

If you want to enhance your general reputation as a gracious host, make sure you have one of the 7 spirits of alcohol below in your home bar.


First in the top 7 spirits of alcohol, of course, it’s vodka. Its versatility is the beauty of vodka: the clear spirit (most frequently distilled from potato or wheat) appears to turn into other components of a cocktail fairly smoothly. Take the simple route and make a Moscow Mule or vodka martini, or step it up a bit and infuse it with Julie Reiner pineapple to simply serve with a pineapple wedge shaken and garnished. Do as the Russians do: always keep your bottle cool and select crowd-pleasing brands such as Absolut Elyx, Grey Goose, and Stoli Elit. 

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The second in the top 7 spirits of alcohol called Gin. Gin is a spirit made of berries from juniper. It is an integral component of drinks ranging from the more obscure to the classics (the martini and the negroni). Gin, especially in the form of gin and tonics, appears to be an approachable and home bar-friendly liquor. Serve yours with brands like Aviation, Brooklyn Gin, and Four Pillars infancy, practical Copa de Balón glasses, and stock the bar.

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The category of whiskey is made up of several subcategories, but bourbon, rye, and Scotch are the three basics. For bourbon and rye enthusiasts, the old-fashioned and Manhattans are the way to go; the Blood and Sand (equal parts Scotch, sweet vermouth, Cherry Heering, and orange juice; shaken) is a true crowd-pleaser when it comes to Scotch. Try adding a bar spoon of water to loosen up the spirit if you're ever serving or sipping a clean whiskey. Four Roses Whiskey, WhistlePig rye, and Glenmorangie Scotch are excellent bottles to purchase. With excellent savor, Whiskey is proudly the third in the top 7 spirits of alcohol that we want to recommend to you. 

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The spirit is distilled from sugar cane by-products and usually comes from sunny islands. A great rum can take you somewhere warm and beachy, and not just because you have had too much of it. A classic daiquiri is a super simple three-ingredient cocktail suitable for entertaining, made using white, aged, or spiced rums. Don Q, Plantation, and Diplomático are all must-try items on the list.

Tequila and Mescal

Both agave-based spirits are tequila and its smoky relative, mescal. A classic margarita (made with fresh lime and a salted rim, of course) is certainly the way to go, but there are plenty of other good choices if you feel adventurous. There are plenty of sophisticated brands to stock in your very grown-up bar, considering the spring break rap of the spirit, including mescals such as Ilegal and Mezcales de Leyenda, and tequilas such as Casa Dragones and Herradura.

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As more and more individuals become more conscious of what they drink, the popularity of lower ABV spirits such as vermouth and fortified wines is gaining. However, be warned: these bottles should stay in your fridge once opened, which is fantastic news as that means more space at your home bar.

A real celebration of Italy is this premium vermouth. It includes lots of botanicals that are locally sourced, including three forms of native Artemisia, Roman chamomile, yellow cinchona bark, Italian holy thistle, and red sandalwood, all blended with the finest Italian wines.


The star of the top 7 spirits of alcohol is Cognac, a brandy from France's eponymous region, another amazingly simple three-ingredient shaken cocktail. Opt for a Sazerac, a classic New Orleans drink with either an all-cognac base or one that mixes cognac with rye if you're going the stirred route. When served neat, cognac also makes a sexy digestif; brands such as Hine, Hennessy, and Château de Montifaud all make wonderful sippers on their own.

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Enjoy alcohol spirits with

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